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$295.00 each

Classic Pacman Arcade

Classic Pacman Arcade Game

The most popular arcade game ever made and a must for your next event!

Classic Ms. Pacman Arcade

Classic Ms. Pacman Arcade Machine

True arcade romance with Ms. Pacman as she takes this classic game to the next level!

Galaga Arcade

Galaga Arcade Game

Navigate your spacecraft and shoot the alien foes to advance to the next level!

Black Pacman Arcade

Black Pacman Arcade

Need more than one Pacman machine at your next event, not a problem!

Pink Ms. Pacman Arcade

Pink Ms. Pacman Machine

Breast Cancer Awareness Event? Perfect arcade choice for such event!

Space Invaders Arcade

Space Invaders Arcade

Another popular space game that involves shooting at alien enemies!

Classic Donkey Kong Arcade

Classic Donkey Kong Arcade

Another crowd favorite for all ages as you try to rescue the princess from Donkey Kong.

Black Donkey Kong Arcade

Black Donkey Kong Arcade Cabinet

If you need more than one Donkey Kong machine at your next event, no problem!

Super Mario Bros Arcade

Super Mario Bros Arcade

If you have Mario fans attending your events, this arcade machine is a must rent!

Original Centipede Arcade

Classic Centipede Arcade Cabinet

This machine features both Centipede and its predecessor Millipede!

Yellow Centipede Arcade

Centipede Multi-Arcade

If you need more than one Centipede Arcade, not a problem!



This block stacking elimination game will give you a rush!

Classic Frogger Arcade

Frogger Arcade

Guide Frogger through moving traffic and obstacles to safety across the waterway!

Yellow Frogger Arcade

Frogger Mulicade Machine

Need to rent more than one Frogger arcade machine? No worries, we have two!



360 degrees of flying power as you avoid comets & shoot down anything in your way!

Joust Arcade


Defeat groups of enemy knights while riding atop an ostrich!

Dig Dug Arcade


Dig tunnels and caves to avoid enemies and earn points!

Defender Arcade

Defender Arcade Game

Defeat waves of invading aliens while protecting astronauts!

Street Fighter Arcade

Street Fighter Arcade

The best two-player battle and fighting games all on one machine!

Marvel vs. Capcom Arcade


Two-player game featuring tons of classic 90's games!

Burger Time Arcade


Hurry to assemble the burgers and meet customer orders!

Q*bert Arcade

Q*bert Arcade Game

Hop on top of the cubes while avoiding obstacles and enemies!

Tapper Arcade

Tapper Arcade Game

Fun, fast paced game fulfilling customer beer orders!

Track & Field Arcade

Track & Field Arcade Game

Classic sports game from the 80's involving fast fingers!

Robotron: 2084 Arcade

Robotron Arcade Game

Defeat robots, rescue surviving humans, and earn as many points as possible!

Missile Command Arcade


Defend cities from being destroyed by hails of enemy missiles!

Pengo Arcade

Pengo Arcade Game

Help Pengo crush blob-like Sno-Bees by sliding blocks into them!

Berzerk Arcade

Berzerk Arcade Game

Navigate the mazes while avoiding laser attacks from the robots!

Arkanoid Arcade

Arkanoid Arcade Classic G

Addictive ball and paddle arcade game that will entertain for hours on end!

Commando Arcade

Commando Arcade Machine

Escape the jungle by fending off a massive assault of enemy soldiers!

Popeye Arcade

Popeye Arcade Machine

Punch through obstacles to collect hearts, musical notes, and letters "HELP"!

1942 Arcade


WWII themed game where you shoot down enemy planes and avoid enemy fire!

Bagman Arcade

Bagman Arcade Cabinet

Steel all the bags of gold and haul them out of the mine!

Double Dragon Arcade

Double dragon arcade game rental

Martial artists, Billy and Jimmy Lee fight against various adversaries and rivals.

Neo Geo Arcade

Neo Geo Arcade Cabinet

Action games collection all in one arcade cabinet for your enjoyment!

Phoenix Arcade


Control the spaceship to avoid enemy aliens and zap them before they get you!

Moon Patrol Arcade

Moon Patrol Arcade

Avoid craters, mines, UFO's and tanks as you advance through the checkpoints!

Karate Champ Arcade


Join the karate tournament and advance by winning two out of three matches!

Shinobi Arcade

Shinobi Arcade Game Machi

Control the ninja to stop the terrorist organization from kidnapping the students!

Ghosts n' Goblins

Ghosts n' Goblins Arcade Game

Adventure game in which you collect weapons to defeat enemies!

Contra Arcade

Contra Arcade

Avoid bullets, boulders, lasers, fireballs, and aliens as you play the commando agent!

Sinistar Arcade

Sinitstar Arcade Rental

Game known for its high difficulty levels as you guide the antagonist through them!

Super Pacman

Super Pacman Arcade Game Machine

Your classic Pacman game, but at super fast speeds!

Donkey Kong Junior Arcade

Donkey Kong Jr. Arcade Machine

Fun spin off the classic Donkey Kong game with new challenges!

Galaxian Arcade

Galaxian Arcade Rental

Galaxian is the predecessor of Galaga so a similar concept game!

Asteroids Deluxe Arcade

Rentals: Asteroids Deluxe Arcade

Released a year later after the original Asteroids arcade & more difficult gameplay!

Arch Rivals Arcade

Rent Arch Rivals Arcade

Old school basketball game, popular for its time, but not as much as NBA Jam!

Ms. Pacman / Galaga Reunion

Ms. Pacman Galaga 20 Year Reunion Arcade

Celebrate Ms. Pacman and Galaga's 20 year reunion with this combo cabinet.

Arcade Classics

Arcade Classics Machine for Rent

You get 60 of the most popular classic games in one arcade machine!

Multi-Williams Arcade

Multi-Williams Arcade Game

The best classics from Williams, Nintendo, and other manufacturers in one cabinet!

Cocktail Arcade

Cocktail Arcade Cabinet

Get your 60 favorite classic games in a cocktail sized game machine!