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$395.00 each

Super Chexx Dome Hockey

Super Chexx Dome Hockey Table - Bubble HOckey

America's favorite pub style bubble hockey game with live scoring and sound!

Strike A Light Challenge

Strike A Light Arcade Game by Aquaventronics for rent in Chicago, IL.

Speed of light reflex testing game in which two players compete at once!

Bass Fishing Arcade

Big Bass Fishing Challenge by Sega Arcade rental.

Fishing has never been so much fun with this interactive fishing arcade!

Golden Tee Vintage

Golden Tee Golf Arcade

Older model Golden Tee arcade game in vintage cabinet!

Silver Strike Vintage

Vintage Silver Strike Bowling

Older model Silver Strike arcade game in vintage cabinet!

Bags Target Toss Arcade

Bags Target Toss Arcade

Bags toss or cornhole themed arcade game for your enjoyment!

$495.00 each

Big Buck Hunter Arcade

Big Buck Hunter Arcades

Most famous hunting game that you've probably seen in bars across the country!

Boxer Arcade

Boxer Arcade Game Rental

You get one punch so make it a good one and the machine will give you a score!

Punching Bag Arcade

Punching Bag Strength Arcade

The punching bag dangles waiting for your punch and will display a score so punch hard!


NBA Jam Four Player Arcade

NBA Jam Arcade Game Rental

The hottest basketball themed arcade game from the 90's and still popular today!

NFL Blitz Player Arcade

NFL Blitz Arcade Game

Top rated football themed arcade game from the 90's and still a crowd favorite to this day!

NHL Open Ice Four Player Arcade

NHL Open Ice Arcade Game Rental in Chicago

Four player hockey themed video game from the 90's & similarly popular like Jam & Blitz!

Simpson's Four Player Arcade

Simpson's Four Player Arcade Game Rental in Chicago.

Everyone loves the Simpsons family and their arcade game shenanigans! 

Ninja Turtles Four Player Arcade

Ninja Turtles Four Player Arcade Game Rental in Chicago.

Pick your favorite Ninja Turtle and perhaps a few friends as you embark on the ultimate turtle arcade adventure!

Captain America & The Avengers Four Player Arcade


One of the best classic super hero arcade games available for rent for you next special event!

X-Men Four Player Arcade

Perfect arcade game rental for X-Men fans!

Another fantastic super hero arcade game full of X-Men adventures and missions!

Gauntlet Four Player Arcade


Gauntlet is a one of the first fantasy-themed hack and slash arcade games and hence one of the most popular.

Sunset Riders Four Player

Sunset Riders arcade rental is a western themed game.

Sunset Riders packs a punch when it comes to western themed/cowboy arcade games!

Golden Tee Golf Arcade

Golden Tee Golf Rental

Latest model of Golden Tee housed inside a sleek cabinet with large monitor display!

Silver Strike Bowling Arcade

Silver Strike Bowling Arcade Game Rental

Latest model of Silver Strike housed inside a sleek cabinet with large monitor display!

Power Putt Golf Arcade

Power Putt Golf Arcade 2019

Latest model of Power Putt housed inside a sleek cabinet with large monitor display!

$695.00 each

Whack-A-Mole Arcade

Whack A Mole Arcade Game Rental

Funny and fast interactive game where players whack the moles as fast as they can!

Whack-A-Ball Arcade

Whack A Ball custom Whack A Mole arcade game rental.

Spin on the classic whac-a-mole arcade game for sports enthusiasts!

Hard Case Money Machine

Hard Case Money Machine Rental

Beautiful cash cube that is brilliantly engineered for the best promotional events!

$995.00 each

LED Crane/Claw Machine

LED Claw Machine rental in Chicago.

All ages love our claw machines and crane machines when everyone is a winner!

Bubbler Jukebox

Bubbler Jukebox Rental

Classic bubbler jukeboxes available to rent and equipped with a large library of music!

Classic Skeeball Arcade

Classic Skeeball Arcade Game Rental in Chicago.

Your classic skeeball game as you remember it. Multiple lanes available!

$1,495.00 each

Pacman Battle Royale Arcade

Four Player Pacman Battle Royale Arcade

Four player pacman arcade where all players battle each other simultaneously!

Zoltar Fortune Teller Machine

Zoltar Arcade Fortune Teller

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LED Skeeball / Iceball Fx

LED Skeeball Arcade Game rental in Chicago.

The latest and most high-tech skeeball rental available on the market!

Half Court Hoops Basketball

Half Court Hoops Basketball Arcade Game Rental in Chicago, IL.

Rent multiple units to create the ultimate arcade basketball fun!

Dance Dance Revolution (DDR)

Dance Dance Revolution Arcade Games

Dance the night away with our DDR arcade game rentals!

Guitar Hero Arcade

Guitar Hero Arcade Party Rental

Rock out with our professional Guitar Hero arcade game rental!

$2,995.00 each

World's Largest Pacman Arcade

Giant Pacman, World's Largest Pacman arcade game rental in Chicago.

World's Largest Pacman Arcade featuring two player mode & branding opportunities!

World's Largest Galaga Arcade

Giant Galaga - World's Largest Galaga

World's Largest Galaga Arcade featuring giant graphics and branding opportunities!

World's Largest Space Invaders

World's Largest Space Invaders Arcade Rental

Two player giant space invaders game sure to be the biggest setup in the world!

NFL Two Minute Drill Arcade

NFL 2 Minute Drill Arcade Rental

Giant football toss arcade that is sure to be a big hit at your next football themed event!

Hyper Shoot Basketball Arcade

Hyper Shoot Basketball Arcade

The latest and greatest LED basketball game that is fully interactive with your shots!

Lane Master Bowling Arcade

Lane Master Bowling Arcade

Bring LED Bowling to your next event and really impress your guests!